When others do not wish you well on your journey

Tatyanna ponderingI wonder if other travelers have times when they are planning their journey and some folks just do not wish them well or support their choices. It often surprises me when one adult cannot fathom that another adult may decide to do things they would never do, are afraid to do or don’t have the freedom to embark on. What could be the motivation for a person to actively attempt to put a wrench in the works of another’s efforts?

So many of my friends and clients have been supportive, flexible and understanding. I truly appreciate every one of them. The one devil’s advocate in my life, after learning of my decision to take this journey, quickly realized his reservations about my trip were disregarding my ability to make my own choices and he became a huge support. I love and appreciate him for all of it.

Direction of your dreamsThis is not a game and I am not typing from my own safe space anymore. I mean, am a ‘seat of my pants” traveler but I am 47 now, and I am feeling a bit of anxiety about the next leg of my trip, even though I do not leave Phoenix until Friday. I am feeling an urgency to find a safe and stable landing pad in New Orleans. It is not a city where you want to be unsure of your safe landing.

I have several irons in that fire. Waiting on Couchsurfing responses, asking around, looking at hostels. It will all work out but I will feel much better once I have secured a place to stay. I am really craving beignets and chicory coffee.

Although I am adventurous and brave and ready for whatever, on some level I am dependent on people’s understanding, flexibility and commitments or I will end up on the road and stuck someplace. I don’t have some huge savings. I am literally working my way across the U.S. one week at a time. Each day of work is crucial and delays stop me from being able to travel.

As I take each day one by one, I am forever grateful for the selflessness and hospitality of my friends and family. Whatever comes on this journey, I surrender to Spirit and know it will all work out.

Yet and still others have not even wished me well. That is not an expectation I have from everyone, but I can feel *stuff* from some folks and it is mildly upsetting.

If a friend and cannot wish me well or support my journey, even if with prayers I wish you well and bid adieu. If someone’s own ‘stuff’ prevents them from being happy for me, Sprit will remove them from my circle if that’s what is to be.

The last thing I need right now is any incumbrance to the flow.

6 thoughts on “When others do not wish you well on your journey

  1. Devorah

    Taty-I love the adventure you are undertaking. The spirit to travel and explore various areas across our Nation and dig deep within yourself is infectious. To be able to share with us your perspectives, positive and negative experiences and even at time vulnerabilities makes me so happy that we are friends. You are strength. I wish you the best and send positivity in your journey!


      1. iTravelista

        Lol I can never keep up with blogging in the past so trying to give it a go again.. Let’s see how this goes lol cute art at the header 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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