Cheyenne Wyoming: More Than you Think

I had not been to Wyoming since I was 5 years old. My aunt has lived ot here since I was little. She has lived in Cheyenne for 35 years. It was really nice to get to visit here and we had a lot of fun getting to know each other better.

We wandered around the Cheyenne Botanical Garden which is currently building a beautiful new conservatory. There are all sorts of creative nooks and crannies at this garden.

Cheyenne Botanic Gardens

I also go to see her in August: Osage County. That’s my Aunt Pat with the red hair. If you know the plot, she plays Maddie Faye.


Cheyenne is a small city? large town of about 70,000 people. My aunt lives downtown and there are some cool shops and places to eat in town.

There is a very cool coffee shop inside an old theater and this place has a co-working space people! Perfect for the #digitalnomad. Paramount Cafe. I had the most delicious mocha raspberry iced coffee! Inquire at the shop about the upstairs space which is a full service co-working mecca.

Wyoming State Museum

I like museums. This museum is not huge but I found out soem curious and interesting things about Wyoming. I have mixed feelings about this part of teh country as a person with Indigenous heritage. It is where the Frontier met the original peoples and there was lots of bloodshed. I was pleased to find a large exhibit about the local tribes. There Wind River Reservation in 4 hours away from Cheyenne and this new exhibit highlights their cultures beautifully.


The weather was gorgeous on my last morning in Cheyenne so I walked to teh park down 19th Street and read a book, which is actually a fiction story about the Arapaho and the Wind River Reservation. The Eagle Catcher. But some magic, my mother has read the whole series about this particular reservation and my dear friend just happens to live here. More on that in another post.

Perfect place to read a book.

If you are on your way across the U.S.A. I recommend a stopover in this lovely overlooked Western town.

On to Wind River next…


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